The College library is well equipped with a number of books on various subjects such as Philosophical foundations of education, Psychological foundation of education, Educational technology, Educational management and Administration etc., and a large coverage of reference section. There are a number of journals and encyclopidias on education and it is administered by a friendly, well-qualified and an approachable librarian.


The Psychology Laboratory is equipped with psychological testing material which the students teachers will have to learn and use them in teaching learning process. The student teachers are required to conduct several experiments in psychological testing in order to facilitate learning and understand strategies of teaching. This experience in psychological testing will provide the student teacher to handle children with problems in a given class room.


The College boasts of a well equipped Computer Laboratory. It consists of 25 computers. The aim of this laboratory is to equip the student teachers not only in the use of computer, but to assist them in the computer assisted teaching.


The laboratory is equipped with the audio visual equipments like the Overhead Projector (OHP), Television, Slide projectors, audio cassettes, LCD projector. The knowledge in the use of these equipments will enable the student teacher to become familiar with modern equipments for effective teaching.


Practicing how to teach is the heart of the teacher training program. The student is expected to give 20 lessons in each of the special subject chosen. There are several practicing schools for the students which are reputed and close by. The practicing schools are both Kannada medium and English medium schools. ‘The faculty is well equipped in guiding the students in using different methods of teaching and techniques in teaching different lessons.’


The student will be periodically assessed through tests, assignments and practice lessons. The scores obtained by them are considered as scores in the internal assessment, which will be included for the award of the degree. At the end of the course, the students write the final examination which is conducted by the Rani Channamma University, Belgaum.